August 18, 2011

Raja Ampat Coast Tourism

Raja Ampat Coast Tourism is one of the most beautiful beaches and
most exotic in Indonesia. The beach is located in the territory of Papua New Regency is one mainstay of the tourist island of Papua, love to get there very, very difficult indeed. But if we get to the beach Raja Ampat all field trips will be paid off completely and even more than complete. The beach is like heaven gives the charm is very beautiful, from a place that is still virgin, and also the natural place to give the impression more than just beaches.

Raja Ampat Beaches are also used as a marine park, this beach became the largest marine park in Indonesia, but also believed to have the wealth of the world's largest marine life. Reveal the underwater panorama of Raja Ampat began when a Dutch berkebangsan accomplished diver named Max Ammer visit this area. Max Ammer's first visit in 1990 to Raja Ampat stems from his desire to explore sunken ships and aircraft during World War II. Penelusurannya is very memorable, so in 1998 he invited Gerry Allen, a fisheries expert (Ichthyologist) from Australia, to conduct the survey in this place. Gerry Allen saw how shocked the underwater resources are so diverse in a very large number.

Lots of features offered by the Coast Raja Ampat. In the records of underwater photography in the area of ​​Raja Ampat, Imam Brotoseno mentions that the content of the wealth of marine life in Raja Ampat most all areas of the world's coral triangle, the Filipinos-Indonesia-Papua New Guinea. Triangle is the heart of the wealth of coral reefs of the world are protected and defined by the international conservation of nature protection. Of the approximately 600 types of coral reefs in the world, 75% of whom were in the waters of Raja Ampat. With the breadth of the waters of Raja Ampat and the wealth of diverse marine life, then the tourists who want to enjoy the underwater panorama can choose some point dive. Around the island of Kri, for example, tourists can witness the beauty of coral reefs and various kinds of fish is amazing, including the type of fish the famous Queensland grouper, pompano, snapper, grouper, reef sharks, tuna, napoeleon wrasse, barracuda, and Giant Trevally. The wealth of different species of fish in the area of ​​the island of Kri was never proved by Gerry Allen, where in one dive he notes there are at least 283 species of fish. The amounts are staggering for a single dive.

If you want to vacation there, you can be started from Jakarta or other big cities to the airport Domine Eduard Osok, Sorong, West Papua. Flights from Jakarta to Sorong usually transit or in advance at Makassar Manado. From Airport Eduard Osok Domine, travelers can immediately proceed to Raja Ampat using fast ships with a capacity of 10 people at a cost of around 3.2 million dollars each way. Travel by speedboat takes about 3-4 hours. For accommodation and other facilities, in the tourist area of ​​Raja Ampat underwater tourists can obtain adequate facilities at several existing resorts, such as on the island of Kri, Waigeo, Mansuar, and Misool. Some resorts charge a price that is relatively expensive because the present facilities. But the tourists with a lower budget can take advantage of government-owned resort is far more murah.Alternatif other is by choosing to stay for days on the boat (Liveaboard) by renting a boat that has been specially modified Pinisi to dive a few days. The ship has a maximum capacity of 14 people, at a cost of about Rp 90 million to Rp 110 million to cruise for a week.

December 17, 2010

Long Island in Beach Kartini Jepara

Island is located just 15 minutes from the Beach and Beach Bandengan Kartini. with Sapta boats Enchantment of Kartini Beach or Marine Tourism visitors may satisfied with sea bathing at Long Island.
Long Island itself is only a small island with an area of about 7 hectares, within just filled with trees - wild trees. However, some of this last time, the beauty of this island began disturbed by the hands - the hands of ignorant irresponsible. Corals - beautiful coral with a bandage of clean sea water threatened a distant memory.
When night falls, the fishermen - fishermen from outside the waters of Jepara looting and damaging coral - reef in Long Island. whereas coral - reef is clearly - clearly banned and not allowed to, because it can damage marine life and natural beauty. corals - coral was taken from local fishermen Demak, if there is an approaching fishing boats, the looters are not reluctant - reluctant to threaten.

This island is located precisely at the Kartini Beach Tourism which is only 1.5 miles wide and has about 19 hectares. Long Island surrounded by a shallow sea on the basis of coral reefs and white sandy beaches sehigga. Seawater is quite clear and does not have current, making it suitable for bathing, see the coral reefs or just canoeing. The center of the island is a tropical forest with a tree structure - a large and towering trees interspersed with shrubs and bushes to be a place for sea birds.

Kartini Beach in Jepara

Kartini Beach is located at 1,2 km westward of the hall of Jepara REgency. This tourist object belongs to Bulu village, Jepara Sub-district. Various supporting vasilities such as port, a part of kura-kura aquarium, motel, childreb playground (komedi putar, mandi bola perahu arus) are available. Quite cool atmosphere around the beach gives different impression to the visitors, for this place is appropriate for family recreation or just for relax.
In this place, visitors are able to take a rest by sitting under the gazebo and the breathing the fresh air. Area with 3,5 ha large is strategic area, because it is functioned as sea transportation port toward karimunjava National Sea Park and Panjang Island.
kartini beach can't be separated from traditional event called "Lomban" it is all day long Jepara's People annualy event held on 8 Syawal (a week after lebaran day).

Actually, Kartini beach is more popular as "PEMANDIAN". This nick name is common to most of Jeparanese. If someone mentions a word "Pemandian", that he or she thinks Kartini Beach, not the other thinks Kartini Beach, not the other places.
The worl "PEMANDIAN" means a place for taking a bath. The use of the word "Pemandian" is common, because there is a special bathing place for tourist while visiting the beach. The place is located on the western park of Kartini Beach. Visitors usually take bath at dosk and down. Until now this location is still used for taking a bath especially b people who have skin irritation with a hope that the irritation will recover soon.
Kartini Beach area was an island sprouted up with kelor plan, so it was know as kelor Island. Because of the sedimentation, among the island was lived by the Netherland Indies Government to Encik Lanang for his achievenment on a war in Bali.
kartini Beach also used as Encik Lanang Ggrave yard, and always attended by the local fishermen before th e lomban party.
Besides that, kartini beach can't be seoarated from RA Kartinis childhood. She and her parent and also her sisters spent their vacation in this beach. That's name is purposed to respect and remaind us to Kartini's stronggle.

December 13, 2010

Green Canyon (Cukang Taneuh) in West Java

Name Green Canyon popularized by a Frenchman on thn 1993. His real name Cukang Taneuh. Green Canyon has its own uniqueness. From his own journey with motorized from the dock for 30 minutes we will be happy to pass the river with green water tosca (if you do not feel the rain). On the way we look at life on the riverbanks. Occasionally seen lizards, snakes (do not worry just snake sacking) and residents who were fishing or doing all the fish.

Here the water is very clear bluish. To view the actual distinctness, we are advised to continue upwards with a swim (there are available Rental tires) or crawling on the edge of the stone. The trip is completely safe. Children 6 yrs and older; interchangeable join tires and guide - life guard boat owners that we lease. Along the way, we will continue to be in the basin with steep walls on either side; sebgn resembles a cave wall with a roof which has collapsed.

In certain parts of the remaining stalactites,where ground water drips. After a few hundred meters swim, we'll see bbrp Falls water frame on the right who are very charming. If you continue to wonder with the end of the road, you will arrive at a place with a cave inhabited by bats. Along these lines, your heart's content collapsible swimming. Yes, swim with the fish in clear water and cold.